Nikola Tesla Library Presentations

by Calgary Tesla Society

How to order Nikola Tesla presentation in your library?

All presentations are free of charge and adjusted to audience average age and knowledge about electricity.
Free books about Nikola Tesla are donated to library location.
Please contact your library and express interest to have your child attend Nikola Tesla presentation organized by Calgary Library Office and CTS.

General Presentations Program

Short introduction about Nikola Tesla and the Society
15 minutes movie about Nikola Tesla from Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
Life and work of great Nikola Tesla presentation (adjusted to students grades and knowledge)
Stories about energy flow and transformations in nature and how Tesla helped to harness energy for humanity
Simplified AC generator motor demos /br> Tesla globe presentation
Levitating Nikola bulb presentation
Questions and free books about Nikola Tesla presented to your library

At the beginning, a movie “Nikola Tesla - Spirit, Work, Vision” was shown by special permission of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Based on the movie and kids' knowledge about electromagnetism, a discussion was developed in which kids actively participated. At the end, experiments with plasma globe were performed. They, in their rudimentary form, were discovered by Nikola Tesla.

List of CTS presentations

Library Date Age # Attending Presenters & Tech.Support Links
Fish Creek 16 October Kids Program 13-17 TBD T. Vujadinovic
E. Ghaderpour
Z. Milanovic
Shawnessy 10 October Kids Program 13-17 10 T. Vujadinovic
E. Ghaderpour
Z. Milanovic
Nose Hill 5 October Kids Program 8-12 15 T. Vujadinovic
E. Ghaderpour
Peter Brackett
Country Hills 26 September Kids Program 13-17 9 T. Vujadinovic
E. Ghaderpour
Peter Brackett
Shawnessy 19 September Kids Program 8-12 25 T. Vujadinovic
E. Ghaderpour
Z. Milanovic