Nikola Tesla School Presentations

by Calgary Tesla Society

How to order Nikola Tesla presentation in your school?

All presentations are free of charge and adjusted to students age and knowledge about electricity.
Please contact us at this email to schedule our Tesla presentation for your students.

General Presentations Program

Short introduction about Nikola Tesla and the Society
15 minutes movie about Nikola Tesla from Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
Life and work of great Nikola Tesla presentation (adjusted to students grades and knowledge)
Stories about energy flow in nature and how Tesla helped to harness energy for humanity
Tesla globe presentation
Levitating Nikola bulb presentation
Questions and free books about Nikola Tesla presented to your school library

At the beginning, a movie “Nikola Tesla - Spirit, Work, Vision” was shown by special permission of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Based on the movie and students’ knowledge about electromagnetism, a discussion was developed in which students actively participated. At the end, experiments with plasma globe were performed. They, in their rudimentary form, were discovered by Nikola Tesla. Students’ interest surpassed our expectations, they participated in the demonstration and the discussion continued after the end of the class, for as long as time permitted.

List of CTS presentations

School Date Grade # Presentations # Classes # Students Presenters Links and Feedbacks
Banbury Crossroads School 16 Jan 4,5,6 1 1 12 P. Brackett
F. Ritter
Z. Milanovic

School Date Grade # Presentations # Classes # Students Presenters Links and Feedbacks
River Valley School Bowness 6 Mar 4,5 1 3 50 P. Brackett

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed the presentation and your enthusiasm for the topic. You definitely inspired a few to try out some new experiments and look further into the lives of famous inventors!
L.B. Grade 4 Teacher
Canyon Meadows International Spanish School 4 Mar 4,5 1 5 70 P. Brackett

Thank you very much, Peter for coming to Escuela Canyon Meadows!!! We (students and teachers) really enjoyed the presentation!
Kind regards and we look forward to having the Calgary Tesla Society presenting at our school in the years to come!
C.G. Grade 4/5 Teacher and Learning Leader

It was a great presentation. Very inspiring content and a great opportunity to know about Nikola Tesla and his tenacity.
Frank and you were great to the students and very patient with all their questions.
Hope to see you again at Canyon Meadows!
Muchas gracias!
C.H. Grade 4/5 Teacher
School Date Grade(s) # Presentations # Classes # Students Presenters Links and Feedbacks
Glenmeadows Spanish School 10 Dec 4,5 1 1 50 P. Brackett
Dr G M Egbert 29 Nov 9 3 4 65 P. Brackett

Hi Fred and Peter,
A HUGE thank you from Dr. Egbert. Friday was a wonderful day of science exploration, history and current energy resources. Even though our classes were small and my students at times provide challenges, they really enjoyed your presentation and many commented on it today, especially talking to those who were away. "you missed out on a cool presentation" "Tesla - no not the car - THE GUY" were over heard today. Thanks for inspiring my students. It was amazing.

Erin Yeung
Science Teacher
Dr. Gladys. M. Egbert School
Calgary Board of Education
Canyon Meadows School 21 Jun Kindergart 1 1 38 M. Djordjevic
Chinook Free Learners Community Co-op 5 June 4 1 1 55 M. Djordjevic
Mayland Heights School 31 May 4-5 1 1 23 M. Djordjevic
Banbury Crossroads School 24 May 2-6;7-12 2 2 50 M. Djordjevic
University School 29 Apr 3-6 1 8 200 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
Glenmeadows School 16 Apr 5 1 2 50 M. Djordjevic
E. Ghaderpour
Edgemont Elementary 12 Apr 5 1 5 130 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
Jennie Elliott School 5 Apr 5 1 3 58 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix
(Thank you for your generous donation to CTS!)
8 Mar 5 1 1 28 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
River Valley School 1 Mar 4,5,6 1 7 130 M. Djordjevic
R. Pavic
E. Ghaderpour
Rosedale School 27 Feb 5,9 2 2 45 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
Renert School 12 Feb 9 1 1 26 M. Djordjevic
P. Brackett
Z. Milanovic
Westgate Charter 1 Feb 5 1 4 110 M. Djordjevic
P. Brackett
R. Pavic
Thomas B. Riley 25 Jan 9 2 5 115 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
P. Brackett
School Date Grade # Presentations # Classes # Students Presenters Links
Connect Charter 29 May 5 1 4 104 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
Brentwood Elementary 22 May 5 2 4 116 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
P. Brackett
Edgemont Elementary 1 May 5 1 4 104 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic
Westgate Elementary 19 March 5 2 4 100 M. Djordjevic
Z. Milanovic

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